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Hiring a dedicated graphic designer ensures visually compelling brand representation and cohesive design across all platforms, enhancing brand recognition and engagement. With specialized expertise, they bring creativity and precision to your visual identity, elevating your brand's presence and impact.

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    Why Dedicated Graphic Designer?

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    Why Hire Dedicated Designers?

    Exceptional Quality

    Your website's design can make or break your chances of running a successful online business. That's why we at FATbit undertake all designing matters with due care.

    Timely Updates

    Client service always remains a top priority for us. To that end, our designing professionals continuously share progress reports with a client until completion.

    Resource Compatibility

    After carefully understanding your project requirements, our business analysts identify the most compatible candidate to work with you. Once hired, that resource is committed to your project.

    Work Satisfaction

    We create websites that are easy to operate and delightful to look at. But we do that in a time and cost-effective manner.

    Frequently Asked Question

    What does "dedicated graphic designer" mean in your context?

    Could you elaborate on the designer's availability and commitment to our projects? We want to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of the level of dedication and exclusivity expected in this collaboration.

    Will the designer work remotely or in-house?

    Determine whether the designer will work from your office or remotely. Discuss logistics, communication tools, and any equipment or software requirements.

    How many hours per week will the designer dedicate to my projects?

    Could we agree on the weekly workload expectations for the designer? This ensures that both parties are aligned on availability and workload management.

    What is the designer's workflow and communication process?

    Understand how the designer organizes their work, communicates progress, and collaborates with your team. Establish regular check-ins and project update schedules.

    How do you ensure consistency in design across multiple projects?

    Can we explore how the designer plans to uphold brand consistency and ensure a unified visual identity across all design assets?